10 Best Tips to Cope with Dissertation Stress Efficiently

Generally, the average dissertation takes between a year and two to finish. Often, most people writing a dissertation balance work and family while simultaneously attempting to find time to get research done before submission. This has made many people experience overwhelming dissertation stress. However, it has also contributed to the rise in the development of dissertation stress management techniques.

It is well known that dissertation stress causes students to quit dissertations halfway or less into their dissertation, primarily because of a lack of dissertation stress help. There exist statistics that show that many people search for “how to deal with Ph.D dissertation stress” and “how to handle dissertation stress.” The latter indicates that some students are willing to live with it just to ensure the completion of their dissertations. However, the former doesn’t.

How you can cope with dissertation stress efficiently

  1. Find out your final deadline

Deadlines can be easy to forget, so make sure you know your final submission date! You don’t want to go through the entire procedure and all that labor only to have it ruined because you missed the deadline.

  1. Fix study and research time

No one is below or above schedules and routines. Planning your time for every research session gives you a focus when you need to study.

  1. Organize all documents and research

This is quite crucial. The most terrifying prospect for any dissertation writer is losing a significant portion of the dissertation, especially when the deadline is so close! Maintain a hard copy draft at each stage or chapter of research and writing. Back up your work to any cloud service or a memory stick in case your laptop ever displays the dreaded blue screen of death.

  1. Understand the submission process

Dissertation writing may be lengthy and complex, so plan and know what actions you need to take along the way. Find out whether you need to prepare any practical aspects for your dissertation and what you need to include in the final document. This will help manage stress of dissertation.

  1. Engage in free writing

Not a writer? Most of us aren’t. Struggling to bring up words sometimes can induce frustration and stress. What to do? Start writing whatever comes to mind. Let it flow for a while; before you know it, you’re in the zone. Now you can focus on what matters, with or without needing dissertation stress quotes.

  1. Take rest periods

It takes a long time to complete a PhD dissertation; hence you must schedule whole days or hours for relaxation to avoid burnout.

Take time off to be with your friends and family. Don’t be afraid to spend entire days relaxing. You should not see it as being lazy. Rather, you’re allowing your mind and body to relax.

  1. Get enough sleep

Our brains do a lot while we sleep. So when we don’t get enough sleep, they lack time to conduct all of their essential reparative processes and risk burnout.

Losing even a couple of hours of sleep every night for a few weeks impacts your memory, creativity, and capacity to multitask. Additionally, it can lead to depression and reduce your body’s ability to eliminate toxins.

We know it might be tempting to stay up late, rise early, and even pull a few partial or entire all-nighters when writing your dissertation. However, the consequences are far harsher than the benefits. So do not take the chance.

  1. Feed your brain

Eating well and drinking enough water are not just good habits for overall health; they also improve brain function, enhancing memory and focus.

You want to be as productive as possible when writing your dissertation, and the only way to do so is to keep your brain functioning at its peak. Blueberries, oranges, broccoli, fatty fish, eggs, and nuts include nutrients and antioxidants that preserve the brain and boost memory.

  1. Drink adequate water

Your brain also requires adequate water to function correctly. According to studies, not drinking enough water reduces a person’s capacity to concentrate and recall. Unfortunately, despite sufficient water consumption being one of the simplest ways we can improve our brains, most of us fail to drink adequate water.

  1. Schedule a fun event after the submission

Plan an event for after submission. Bungee jumping, the fair, or a day at the spa can be a destresser and relaxation source. Fun events can also be a source of inspiration for you. The more you anticipate it, the harder and faster you want to work to get your dissertation over with.

Ensure you fix a time, probably with your close friends and pals, and prepare for D-Day.


We all know that this world highly values getting things done quickly, effectively, and autonomously. However, this frequently comes at the expense of our health, relationships, and more. But, you can avert the negatives with good stress management dissertation help when it comes to dissertations.

Today, make some time for yourself. After all, what do you have to lose but the stress?

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